Our vision is to put employees first!

Our mission is to help decision-makers significantly that customer and guest expectations are exceeded, and the number of repeat customers is improved.

We all have an interest in improving EBITDA and the associated multiples. Thereby increasing the share price and returns for all shareholders while providing unparalleled service to our clients.

How can we achieve this? After my many years of experience in the hotel industry, gained in numerous countries worldwide, it is often the difficult daily communication and information processes in dealing with all employees that need to be improved and constantly further developed.

To achieve that, we first put all employees and part-timers first to become an employer of choice. Motivated and well-informed employees ensure that customer and guest expectations are exceeded and the number of repeat customers is increased.

Our strategies are supported by incorporating digital solutions into the transformation processes and by focusing on involving all employees and part-time workers in day-to-day business.

The organizational goals remain the same, but the relationship between workers and employers is in a radically new place.

This platform was developed by my partners and me, based on my many years of experience in many countries around the world. The focus is: “If we want to be the employer of choice, we have to develop the employees of choice.” This is particularly true in the service industries, where employees are responsible for delivering on the brand promise.

Today’s labour market situation shows ‘There must be another way!’

When we agree that the algorithm for success begins with engaging and empowering our people, we can focus on more consistent frontline leadership each day. If we can solve the challenges of people and consistency, we will achieve the growth and financial returns we desperately need.

We have developed a digital-enabled solution that brings together two mission-critical imperatives through the consolidation of communication channels and strategies. It enables every organization to engage and empower every employee, anywhere, every day, to achieve their goals. This becomes bottom-up engagement versus traditional top-down engagement.

Flattening the traditional communication pyramid, our solutions deliver digital tools that engage and empower employees to ensure consistency across the organization by scaling and executing your frontline best practices, creating your internal community, and strengthening your culture in ways that have never existed before in most service industry companies.

Communication, Cadence, Content, Community, Celebration

We unleash the full potential of employees to create and sustain a culture of excellence by activating the 5 Cs of culture (in English). We want to have a rhythm of communication, with the right content at the right time, to create an atmosphere of success that leads to a stronger community with all of our employees, everywhere, every day.

Our Frontline People Platform provides the holistic solution to embed powerful technology into your workforce, delivered with proven change management best practices to ensure adoption, sustainability and results.

This proprietary transformation management process starts with codifying the behaviour of your best team(s), enhancing it through digital technology, employing result-generating daily ‘digital get-togethers’ or huddles, and cultivating a culture of success and celebration and recognition that encourages ownership and empowerment discretionary efforts of frontline workers every day.

This platform enables visibility into the deployment and execution of the solutions across the enterprise. These early indicators of success provide an opportunity to correlate the right behaviour with desired business outcomes. In a single view, we provide huddle or employee engagement acceptance status, frequency of employee recognition, and goal achievement.

Our solution enables insights into the association of empowerment by making transparent each employee’s use of the company platform and demonstrating the embedding of the solution in the daily lives of team members. In a single view, analyze aggregated insights into engagement levels, communication engagement, and the scope of ideas generated by your entire workforce.

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Markus Schneider

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