Revolutionizing Culture: Centring Your Organization Around Employee

From Good to Great: How Becoming an Employer of Choice through Leadership Development and an Organizational Community Can Drive EBITDA Growth and Client Satisfaction.


As businesses strive to improve their EBITDA and increase shareholder returns while providing unparalleled service to their clients, they often overlook the importance of employee communication and information processes. This challenge can negatively impact employee motivation, resulting in a failure to meet customer expectations and decreased customer loyalty. To solve this problem, it is essential to put employees first and make them the employer of choice.

The Challenge

In service industries, employees are responsible for delivering on the brand promise. However, organizations often struggle with engaging and empowering their employees, leading to inconsistencies in frontline leadership and decreased financial returns. The traditional top-down approach to communication does not effectively engage and empower employees, leading to poor performance and high turnover rates.

The ritrovo Solution

Our ritrovo Frontline People Platform offers a digital-enabled solution that engages and empowers employees, anywhere, every day. The platform consolidates communication channels and strategies, creating a bottom-up engagement approach. By flattening the traditional communication pyramid, the platform offers digital tools that enable employees to execute frontline best practices consistently, create internal communities, and strengthen the company’s culture.

The platform activates the 5 Cs of culture- Communication, Cadence, Content, Community, and Celebration- to create a rhythm of communication that empowers employees to succeed.

It also provides visibility into the leadership deployment and execution of solutions across the enterprise, enabling insights into employee engagement levels, communication engagement, and the scope of ideas generated by the entire workforce.

The Result

By putting employees first and engaging and empowering them through the Frontline People Platform, organizations can improve frontline leadership consistency, increase customer loyalty, and achieve their financial goals. The platform’s proprietary transformation management process enables organizations to codify the behaviour of their best teams, enhance it through digital technology, and cultivate a culture of success and celebration that encourages ownership and discretionary efforts from frontline workers.

The Conclusion

In today’s labour market situation, it is essential to develop employees of choice to become the employer of choice. By implementing ritrovo a digital-enabled solution that engages and empowers employees, organizations can improve their performance, achieve financial returns, and provide unparalleled service to their clients. The Frontline People Platform offers a holistic solution to embed powerful technology into the workforce and create a culture of excellence.

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