Solving Everyday Challenges for the Hospitality Industry
with Digital Transformation
Winning the Race for Guest Satisfaction
and Employee Engagement
Solving Everyday Challenges for the Hospitality Industry
with Digital Transformation
Winning the Race for Guest Satisfaction
and Employee Engagement

Transforming Hospitality Businesses

Our vision is to put people first.

We consult and advise leaders and organizations in the highly competitive Hotel, Hospitality, Retail and related segments in both the public and private sectors on Change Management Transformations. Our expertise focuses on how to put the employee back at the heart of the business with digital and AI capabilities.

In our live-streaming technology, companies can not only share, manage, view, create and update data, news and video in real time on a secure platform.

Companies can build their own community of hospitality executives and business partners around the world who work with us to develop the leadership programmes and solutions that matter most to the business to meet the ever-growing demands of the industry.

All a company needs to live stream with all its employees and business partners is an internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and a platform (e.g. a website or app) from which anyone can live stream.

Markus Schneider is an accomplished and performance-oriented leader with years of strong practical experience in the international hotel industry which took him up to holding the position of Chief Operations Officer (COO) before 2021 starting his own company and turning into a entrepreneur

His reputation is for developing and nurturing engaged and inspiring employees with proven agility and foresight, including in widely distributed teams. He focuses on helping leaders consistently advance their organizations and successfully implement change management.

In his passion for digital technology and AI, he is supported by his technology partners SerTech Exchange, Unisyn, Eko, Amity and Ritrovo.

As founding member of “Machmal.Digital”, a management consulting group that focuses on different areas, supporting and helping each other to find the best overall AI and digital solutions for the needs of our respective customers.

As a member of the ‘Union der Wirtschaft’, he also deals with “The future of the hotel industry and related branches of the hospitality industry (tourism as a whole)”.

With the format of a think tank, we want to contribute to having an active voice in politics in addition to the association work – to give hundreds of thousands of family businesses and companies as well as millions of employees new courage and new perspectives for the future.

As a think tank, we talk much more about the enormous socio-political relevance of our industry and are already developing clever answers to the major trends and cross-industry future topics – such as digitization, human rights sustainability, employees and quality of life.

German version also available.

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With decades of hands-on experience at the helm of global luxury hotels in eleven countries, Markus Schneider has the proven ability to think differently and apply technical solutions that turn around everyday problems for less than you might expect.

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Make Money And Driving Sustainable Profitable Revenues

A major challenge most companies are currently facing is how to win back lost employees and become the employer of choice by engaging the entire workforce at the heart of an organization. This is made possible by integrating a group of cost-effective, real-world, breakthrough technologies that are key to completing a successful digital transformation in existing business processes.

AI is hugely important in organizations for sales, communication, training, and operations, as well as product optimization, inventory planning, logistics, time management, cost control, etc. This requires a fearless review and assessment of all existing business processes and solution design, including implementation timeline, interfaces, and training requirements. This is done jointly by selected employees, management, and specialist consultants.

Based on this “Change Management Transformation Proposal”, key decision-makers or owners must approve the same after review. Any transformation must be aligned with the company’s vision and short- and long-term financial capabilities. This increases the corporate value and creates a meaningful life for all employees and significantly increases shareholder value and the sustainable growth of organizations.

The Transformation Kickstarter is the first step to transforming your business processes to create sustainable profitability.

Why Markus Schneider Solutions?

Our mission and passion are to help hospitality leaders gain a competitive advantage by implementing innovative, sustainable business processes using digital transformation.

Markus Schneider having spent three decades managing and working in leading resorts, hotels, and restaurants in 11 countries, his mission and vision have always been to drive profitability, improve employee engagement and exceed guests’ expectations. He drives these core values as a priority on a daily basis with his employees and partners.

Markus Schneider


The Transformation Kickstarter 

The ideal way to begin our effective transformation projects together.

The Transformation Kickstarter is a review and analysis of your current key issues, followed by a first draft proposal with outline solutions to start the process of transforming your business to gain a competitive advantage.

Based on our wealth of expertise managing premium hotels and hospitality businesses, your Transformation Kickstarter report includes:

  • A top-level review to assess your most pressing challenges.
  • Initial recommendations of innovative solutions transform your business.
  • Outline strategy for digital transformations.  

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