'Don’t be fooled by some of the digital transformation buzz out there, digital transformation is a business discipline or company philosophy, not a project.‘

Tech-Driven Services for the Hospitality Sector

To transform your hospitality business, you need tailored digital solutions and business processes that will:

  • Investing in human capital
  • Identify new revenue streams and deliver sustainable profitability
  • Enhance employee engagement and productivity
  • Improve operational efficiency and cost management
  • Leadership development
  • Boost guest satisfaction
  • Profitability
We help identify key issues with revenue-generation, HR and profitability. We then design new business processes to solve these everyday problems using digital technology to create your competitive advantage.

Tailored Digital Transformation Solutions

By working with us, you can realise the potential of digital transformation with no more wasted time and money on technical solutions that aren’t fit for purpose.

We enable digital transformation, deployed as part of a clear business strategy, to support business processes, employee engagement and training.

To stay ahead of the competition and win the race to sustainable profitability, your hospitality business needs tailored digital solutions.

Our service packages include:

The Transformation Kickstarter

The ideal way to begin our effective transformation projects together.

The Transformation Kickstarter is a review and analysis of your current key issues, followed by a first draft proposal with outline solutions to start the process of transforming your business to gain a competitive advantage.

Based on our wealth of expertise managing premium hotels and hospitality businesses, your Transformation Kickstarter report includes:

  • A top-level review to assess your most pressing challenges.
  • Initial recommendations of innovative solutions transform your business.
  • Outline strategy for digital transformations.  

The Pole Position Strategy

In  The Pole Position Strategy Members of the client’s team and us as an independent consultant will finalize the implementation of the transformation strategy for clients final approval:

This includes:

  • To identify root problems of key critical issues of client’s pain by engagement with client’s senior management.
  • Development of top-level strategy for a sustainable business.
  • To fully evaluate all possibilities with partners and digital technology associates.
  • Timeline of implementation.
  • Assignments of responsibilities.
  • Final Costs breakdown.



  • Depending on the organization size, requirements and organizational existing structure setup. this requires two to five working days with the client’s team to identify the root problem.
  • Afterwards, an additional two to three weeks to finalize the transformation strategy by Markus Schneider Solutions and their partners and associates.


The Chequered Flag

In The Chequered Flag clients team will together with us implement the new strategy, as efficient as possible and within the agreed timeline.

This includes:

  • Detailed implementation plan based on approved strategy.
  • Assigning clear responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • Weekly follow-up meetings with your managers, leaders and technology partner
  • Tracking implementation progress.
  • Problem prevention and solving and reporting

Debrief Package

In The Debrief we will together manage, review and adjust the outcome of the successfully implemented transformations, to ensure perfect results.

This includes:

  • Monthly progress meetings with the senior team and the technology partners to monitor progress.
  • Assessment and recommendations of any adjustments that need to be made.
  • Regular proactive reporting.

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