'Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’

Not Your Average Hospitality Consultancy!

Building and maintaining competitive advantage has become more important than ever in our industry. You need to constantly innovate and improve processes to win the race for guest loyalty and employee engagement.

At Markus Schneider Solutions, our mission and passion is to help hospitality leaders gain competitive advantage by implementing innovative, sustainable business processes using digital transformation.

Driving Competitive Advantage

Having spent three decades managing and working in leading resorts, hotels and restaurants in 11 countries, we know what it takes to drive profitability, improve employee engagement and delight customers. 

We’ve led projects that delivered profitability for companies including Hyatt International, The Oberoi Group in Egypt, The Mandarin Oriental Group in Jakarta, Mövenpick in Vietnam and the Philippines, Absolute Hotel Services in Thailand and Vietnam and Turtle 23 in Thailand, 

We now want to share this expertise with other hotel and hospitality leaders.

Meet Markus Schneider – Hospitality Consultant

“What gets me up in the morning is solving problems. 

“I have spent my career finding sustainable solutions for luxury global hotels and restaurant chains, so I’m ideally placed to help hospitality leaders achieve sustainable business process transformation to boost profits with digital solutions.

“ I am an independent consultant and work with an impartial attitude on any topic of central importance to my client. To help with an objective perspective on the problem the customer is struggling with and to find and offer solutions to the problem“

“The integration of digital technologies is my focus to enable meaningful, sustainable transformations to grant a competitive advantage. Regardless of the size and budget of the company and of the current technology infrastructure of the customer, we can either solve one problem at a time or put together an ecosystem of providers and systems that, when integrated, offer a turnkey solution for most problems“

“My access to innovative world-class technology companies since 2017 helps to find the best, sustainable, and cost-efficient solution for the company. Together, we believe in the power of extreme personalisation developed by a team with in-depth expertise in hospitality, IT product design and consumer marketing.“

Markus Schneider’s Eight Golden Rules of Digital Transformation Success.

1. Listen to your customers.

2. Know your audience.

3. Capture every data opportunity.

4. Test your proof of concept.

5. Create the flexibility to adapt and automate.

6. Develop the intelligence to create new efficiencies.

7. Build simple solutions to keep the elderly and younger generations connected.

8. Don’t compromise on security.

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