'Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’

We challenge the status quo and provide out-of-the-box solutions to meet your business goals.

Effective leadership development is crucial in the pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage in the hospitality industry, where innovation and continuous improvement are key to winning guest loyalty and engaging employees. Markus Schneider Solutions is committed to empowering hospitality leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to drive digital transformation and implement successful, sustainable business processes.

Driving Competitive Advantage

As Founder of Markus Schneider Solutions and an Executive Director at Ritrovo, Markus Schneider brings over 40 years of collective experience managing and working in top resorts, hotels, and restaurants across 11 countries. Markus’s exceptional track record speaks volumes – he has led successful projects for prestigious brands such as Hyatt International, The Oberoi Group, The Mandarin Oriental Group, Mövenpick, Absolute Hotel Services, and Turtle 23, driving profitability and delivering outstanding guest experiences.

With Markus and his team at Ritrovo, other hotel and hospitality leaders can access their wealth of expertise and support to achieve sustainable success in a dynamic and highly competitive industry. Partner with us to unlock your organization’s full potential and elevate your business to new heights.

Meet Markus Schneider – Hospitality Consultant

  • With a passion for problem-solving, I have spent my career developing sustainable solutions for luxury global hotels and restaurant chains. As an independent consultant, I bring an impartial attitude and an objective perspective to help hospitality leaders achieve sustainable business process transformation and boost profits with digital solutions.

  • My focus on the integration of digital technologies enables meaningful and sustainable transformations that grant a competitive advantage, regardless of the size and budget of the company or its current technology infrastructure. Through my access to innovative world-class technology companies and a team with in-depth expertise in hospitality, IT product design, and consumer marketing, we can find the best, sustainable, and cost-efficient solution for your company.

  • Whether we solve one problem at a time or put together an ecosystem of providers and systems that offer a turnkey solution for most problems, my goal is to help you achieve your business objectives with digital solutions. With my passion for problem-solving and my extensive experience in finding sustainable solutions for luxury global hotels and restaurant chains, I am ideally placed to help you achieve sustainable business process transformation and boost profits with digital solutions.

Introducing Markus Schneider’s Eight Golden Rules of Digital Transformation!
Success for leaders looking to lead their organization into the future.
  1. Prioritize listening to your customers to understand their needs and preferences.

  2. Know your audience inside and out to effectively target and engage with them.

  3. Embrace every opportunity to capture valuable data to inform your business decisions.

  4. Test your proof of concept to ensure successful implementation.

  5. Create flexible processes that can adapt to changes in the market and automate repetitive tasks.

  6. Develop intelligent systems that identify new efficiencies and opportunities for growth.

  7. Build simple solutions to keep both younger and older generations connected.

  8. Never compromise on security to protect your organization and its valuable data.

Follow these golden rules and let Markus Schneider’s years of experience in digital transformation guide you towards a successful and sustainable future for your organization.


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