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Together, our common goal must be to move forward and to guide, advise, motivate and help, develop and support employees to achieve a human and corporate purpose.

End of May 2021, I returned to Berlin after exploring the world for 38 years. Not only did I start my own business, but we also formed a digital vision partnership consultancy based on the belief that everything in a successful digital, AI and robotics business transformation must be based on operational human needs!

We are the ‘bridge builders in digitization’ for you.

Thanks to the opportunity to work in 14 different, mainly Asian countries and to support and build well-known first-class hotel companies, I ended up here. So many great, inspiring people, colleagues and friends have worked and helped me, which has allowed me to progress from Executive Chef, EAM, General Manager and finally COO. At the same time, I have always had a strong interest in how to make better use of digital and AI technologies and have developed various friendships with IT, developers.

One of my greatest milestones was and will always be my marriage to Reena in 1996.

However, let’s fast forward to today!

After the start of the COVID pandemic at the beginning of 2020, in less than six months we experienced in the service industry as well as many other industries that the world had changed, companies had to close, and employees lost income and jobs. By autumn 2020 at the latest, it became very clear that the pandemic will continue for some time and will not simply mysteriously disappear.

It has also become evident across the world that the hospitality, restaurant, catering, cruise line, airline and transportation, etc. segments require serious business process transformations.

Before the pandemic, we checked budgets, forecasts and monthly income statements, we looked at hundreds of pages of numbers that showed us whether we were successful or not. This changed overnight as in most cases all the important numbers suddenly went negative and most companies had to address hundreds of areas to minimize and stop the downward spiral.

For responsible business leaders and decision-makers who are committed to, and not just working in, an organization, just looking at sales and GOP lines can no longer suffice.

There is tremendous pressure on any leader to make an organizational decision, right or wrong, on the important issue of designing and executing a new strategy involving fundamental changes that are not consistent with learned traditional beliefs. For most people, this is an understandable, but nevertheless difficult and almost insurmountable inhibition threshold. There is a huge fear factor around digital technology, and that fear needs to be turned into a competitive advantage that creates interest, competition, engagement, empowerment and fun across the organization.

A challenge to find the best digital solutions to be used and integrated into all guest and non-guest related areas. without creating additional pressure and pain for guests and employees. The organizational goals remain the same, but the digital solutions require a management change and must be in a radically new place, where the relationship between employees and employers is transformed into an organizational commitment philosophy for all employees/part-time workers.

This is the only way we are fundamentally changing the way we value and engage all frontline workers and fully engage them in an organization to extract willingness to their full potential.

From my deep insight, I see it as my obligation, opportunity and goal to give back my operational, financial and human knowledge to the decision-makers of today’s companies. Help to overcome the fear of technology, thanks to my extensive experience, which I was, fortunately, able to collect over decades.

Together, our common goal must be to move forward and to guide, advise, motivate and help, develop and support employees to achieve a human and corporate purpose.

If you have the same vision and want to advance your company, I would be happy to arrange an introductory meeting with you at my discretion. The first exchange between you and me is about whether there are interfaces between us where I can support you in achieving your

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