Throwing Technology At A Problem Isn’t The Solution!

Success depends on IT initiatives clearly aligned to business goals, IT excellence, and driving technology innovation.

Imagine… your best team is now everywhere, all around the world delivering consistent execution of their jobs with consistent guest experience, with a strong brand equity value expansion, improved bottom and top-line business results, and a reputation of being an employer of choice in a war for talent. All because your best team is now everywhere.

The daily interaction, communication and engagement with front line employees are the most important consistent activity across the service industry to be successful.

And yet it’s one of the most difficult, challenging and inconsistently tasks executed in most organizations.

From my long year of experience managing hotels and organizations, I found engaging and communicating with my management team and especially front-line employees as a leader the core challenge to be successful.

Imagine you have the most beautiful hotel, with the latest technology, golden taps, and granite flooring in the best location with the most valuable guests. But communication and engagement between you and your employees are not consistent and perfect?

Hotel employees, especially front-line employees are the real software of any organization.

How good an organization is managing its workforce can be seen in results that are constantly been verified in employee surveys, employee turnover, TripAdvisor ratings, Facebook and other social platforms. To my belief, these results have a core impact on an organization’s bottom line and need even be taken more seriously, than location and actual hardware.

This perfectly working engagement between management and front-line employees is the core challenge, and only those who can make successful business transformations to enable to establish this with all workforce generations will achieve a competitive advantage.

‘I am willing to visit further away places to spend my money, even for me in not convenient locations, and not as fancy, shiny and modern are nearby, only because of engaging employees which will take care of me and meet or exceed my expectations. Service Industry Basics!’

The catalyst to operationalizing your mission is daily interaction, communication, and engagement with management and all front-line employees

I feel the daily team behaviours are critical, for example, take the centrality of the gathering or briefing, as is the epicentre of every one of your locations, and frankly the epicentre of your business. It’s either a healthy heart, or an unhealthy heart, but it’s the Heart!

Team briefings or gatherings can be the catalyst to drive positive change in the hearts and minds of team members, changing attitudes and outcomes. It’s our one true opportunity to build consistent company culture, to infuse into teams the values, the principles, the ideals, the focus to deliver on business outcomes – to put our best team everywhere.

‘We have many different departments, which must play different roles and responsibilities to guarantee we exceed guests, owners, and shareholders expectations. In addition, we work with casual and part-time employees, which are so crucial and important to our success, like in no other business segment.

If we do not find ways to drive positive change in the hearts and minds, change attitudes, build consistent company culture, to infuse in everyone the values, the principles, the ideals, the focus to exceed every time internal and external customers’ expectations, we will never be able to improve on business outcomes.

Only engaged, happy, informed employees will be able to exceed guests expectations as we are working in the service industry and selling dreams and memories too.’

Traditional approaches fail to deliver today’s expectations

Every single day, every hour, every minute we as management and our front-line employees must make decisions based on the information and companies’ values, directives to exceed guest expectations.

There is nobody out there who does not believe that this task can be executed without using technology for help, and Companies have been investing in disparate systems to attempt to do that for years.

  1. Communication platforms to help us instantly to communicate with each employee at a moment’s notice to engage and rapid problem-solving.
  2. Meeting management systems, but they don’t provide the assurance that the meeting with going to our expectations – just that they happen.
  3. Task management systems, but they are only be used by project management teams, task force teams, and have not been utilized by front line employees.
  4. Lastly, we lose our focus and time by legacy systems and processes that are hard to keep up with and end up sitting dormant, unused, or updated days or weeks ago and almost useless at the end of the day.


All these systems were developed and invested between 1990 and 2015. As good as they may be, they have never been designed to ensure transparent and accountable follow up after meetings. More critical all these systems can many times not interface to other systems and are never designed and made for frontline employees. Generally, are overcomplicated, and only made for management teams.

Times, technology, behaviour, the way of communication and how we work and make decisions has changed tremendously in the last 10 years. Younger generations have completely different expectations in communication and engagement, and the pandemic speeded this process even up.

The smartphone changed the world and we have to adapt and continue to develop it further if we want to stay engaged and competitive with our management team and all front line employees.

I know connecting meaningfully with our employees to get them to execute at a world-class level isn’t a new challenge, using the best technology to achieve it meaningful is unavoidable today.

The solution for the formula of success!

The solution for success leverages connected management and front-line employee platform that puts the tools for success and communication in everyone’s hands, combining all the tools they need into one, simple, social platform that people like to use.

This platform has the proven ability to deliver world-class daily meetings and briefings that capture the minds and hearts of management and front-line employees. This includes a change management coaching program to ensure that our dedicated coaching team works to craft and implement the change management activities required to introduce the technology. It will ensure its adoption among your people, achieve the results necessary to validate the investment, secure long-term sustainability, and measure and trend the results with clarity.

All those three elements of technology, management and front-line employees behaviours and proven change management are our formula guarantees the competitive advantage needed.

After all, the last thing I want to throw another technology at a problem, it only creates more headaches and isn’t the solution.

I strongly believe we need to start today’s available technology and start embedding the critical daily behaviour’s, structures, and routines surrounding the best practices of using them to drive the results necessary is imperative.

We need to start transforming the processes we used old technologies by new existing technologies. Only so we can transform our work cultures.

Unifying two mission-critical imperatives is unavoidable.

Operationalizing the company mission and objectives and digitally enabling company people strategies is mandatory to win the challenge to put the best management and front-line employees now everywhere.

Members of the leadership team which are involved in this solution have been involved in extraordinary change management and digital transformation projects for about 10 years with customers including Nestle, JBS, Unilever, Tyson, Post Holdings, and hundreds of other companies, totalling circa 400,000 frontline workers in the manufacturing space being personally impacted by their change management strategies and technologies.

With the incredible success we saw in the frontline industry of manufacturing we realized together that the challenges in manufacturing frontlines and the rest of the hotel and hospitality service industry were remarkably aligned.

While this platform for the hotel and hospitality segment is new, it was designed for years and fine-tuned based on the very successful manufacturing platform developed. It is a new product, however, the company leadership team and the methodologies they employ are anything but new to this space and are widely known for delivering incredible results.

If you have the same belief and vision that for the most consistent way to operationalize a company mission and objectives, while simultaneously digitally enabling management and front-line employees’ strategies, I’d love to introduce you to the solution and consult you with efficient solutions on how to implement the transformation based on your current organizational setup.


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