Digital transformations offer the hospitality industry
a powerful way to solve the challenges
it faces on a daily basis
Transforming Work Cultures to
Achieve Business Excellence
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Transforming Hospitality Businesses

In the fast-changing world of hospitality, you need to keep processes under constant review.

Through the support of technology, we are helping our clients improve consistent work executions, exceed guest expectations, expand equity and brand values,  improve business results and become employers of choice.

In order to accept new suggestions for advice, people-oriented management is the prerequisite. If we are only driven by numbers, a change management initiative is not desired or possible and will sooner or longer fail.

– Become an Employer of Choice
– Drive Profitable Sales Growth
– Improve Operating Efficiency

Regardless of the size and budget of the company and of the current technology infrastructure of the customer, we can either solve one problem at a time or put together an ecosystem of providers and systems that, when integrated, offer a turnkey solution for most problems.

What Do You Need to Do?

How We Help

With decades of hands-on experience at the helm of global luxury hotels in eleven countries, Markus Schneider has the proven ability to think differently and apply technical solutions that turn around everyday problems for less than you might expect.

Discover more about how we can help your business leverage digital transformation for sustainable profitability.

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Making Money And Driving Sustainable Profitable Revenues

The year 2022 and beyond will definitely go to be different in terms of both traveller demands and hotel operations. A business plan and roadmap should include an effective and creative hotel business strategy, based on the needs. This helps to make a business strategy, to get a competitive advantage.

    1. Employee engagement and retention
    2. Optimise people management
    3. Mobile-friendly services
    4. Re-evaluate supplier partnerships
    5. Re-look at the hotel’s tech stack
    6. Optimise direct booking channel
    7. Monitoring demand to achieve a better marketing
    8. Implement sustainable best practices
    9. Identify new hotel risks

The Transformation Kickstarter is the first step to transforming your business processes to create sustainable profitability.

Why Markus Schneider Solutions?

Our mission and passion are to help hospitality leaders gain a competitive advantage by implementing innovative, sustainable business processes using digital transformation.

Markus Schneider having spent three decades managing and working in leading resorts, hotels, and restaurants in 11 countries, his mission and vision have always been to drive profitability, improve employee engagement and exceed guests’ expectations. He drives these core values as a priority on a daily basis with his employees and partners.

Markus Schneider


The Transformation Kickstarter is the first step to understanding what’s needed to transform your business, process by process, function by function.

Based on our wealth of expertise managing premium hotels and hospitality businesses, your Transformation Kickstarter report includes:

  • A top-level review of to assess your most pressing challenges based on a structured questionnaire.
  • Initial recommendations of  innovative solutions  transform your business.
  • Outline strategy for digital transformations.  

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