Delivering Value, Transforming Businesses

Hospitality leaders need to constantly drive profitability. 

For business leaders in a service industry, it is vital to regularly review the performance of hotel operations as external market situations change. One key task is listening to your customers and employees. A hotel’s reputation also relies heavily on its ability to collect, interpret, and respond to guest and employee information and feedback quickly.

Building Sustainable Value

My clients and their stakeholders want sustainable value, and to improve the quality and delivery of services in a more and more tech-enabled way. Clients want to manage their costs and use AI technology which is a very complex and sometimes threatening subject.

Some transformations have to be driven from within the organisation, whilst others are driven from outside where we have less influence.

Diagnosing the Root of the Problem

For any internal transformation of business processes, we need first to identify or diagnose the root problem before coming up with an innovative new business process which will offer competitive advantage. This takes time, and most business leaders do not have the time to go so micro without help.

As an independent partner, we help by diagnosing root problems, prioritising activity and helping teams to formulate innovative, realistic, sustainable ideas that will change business processes based on time-consuming analogue services to ones that leverage digital technology to gain competitive advantage. 

Of course, there are always risks involved in progress.

We make sure that employees and guests don’t become slaves of technology, and the core service element of hospitality is maintained and improved. Otherwise transformation doesn’t happen, and a lot of money gets wasted.

Once we’ve designed new processes, we consult with leading digital technology companies to find the best solutions which can be tailored to enable a successful, sustainable, secure transformation. 

We work with the client’s organisation and technology partners to guarantee the successful implementation of the transformation, including communicating with external and internal stakeholders including employees, guests, clients, partners, suppliers and regulators.

We also consider the global environmental impact of every project.

After successful implementation, we review the outcome and if necessary, recommend adjustments.

Delivering Fast ROI

When electric power first came into commercial use in the 1870s, I’m sure that many business leaders were confused by how to use it to gain a competitive advantage.

It’s a similar story today for digital technology, but it’s much more complex.

There are many ways that digital transformation will deliver RoI for our industry. 

From my experience of managing large, luxury hotels, I know that employee engagement is one of the first areas that many organisations will want to address as this is one of the biggest challenges globally and costs trillions of dollars a year. 

After this, they would usually need to look at revenue streams and cost management.

Once we start working with a client on one business process transformation, there will be an interaction and interface to other business processes to transform the business as a whole.

Improve communication in hospitality companies

A hotel’s core business is about delivering a paid service to their guests and operationally this needs strong communication between client care staff and the guests.

Back-of-house, communication is even more key between staff and supporting departments such as sales, marketing, reservations, front office, rooms, housekeeping, food and beverage, human resource, purchasing, receiving, accounting, engineering, security plus all supporting smaller departments, suppliers, travel agencies, transportation providers and even owners and shareholders.

Digital technology means we can reduce the horrendous paper trail and communicate with many more people more quickly. Provided this is done well, it automatically increases employee and guest satisfaction and helps cost management enormously.

By keeping things simple, we can keep the elderly and younger staff and guests connected with smart technology which reaches all generations and supports the leaders’ core business vision.

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