What Is Tomorrow? Is No Longer Like Today!

How To Start Your Transformational Mind Set?

It will be an exciting future!

What always deeply impresses me personally is one of my first core thoughts, that I would like to share with you: What is tomorrow? Is no longer like today!

If you look at California’s Silicon Valley, there is no linear continuation of today, everyone thinks exponentially here, which incidentally, is very difficult for mankind. Exponential thinking is so noticeable here because technology changes at breakneck speed.  Today we have more power in the chips, they are getting much smaller, they are in principle, or technology, in general, is being attached to every lifeline of us humans. With the pandemic, technology moved even faster than ever.

Therefore, robotic artificial intelligence via virtual reality plays such an immensely important role, today and exponentially more in the future.

Some examples:

  • An artist who, from the DNA she took from a cigarette butt that was thrown away, was able to recreate the faces from the DNA of those who once smoked that cigarette.
  • Domino’s Pizza Self Driving Cars are seen delivering the pizza automatically with their cars.
  • Advertising spaces that adapt to the people who walk past her, for example, a hipster who is shown a skateboard, a young woman is shown fashion.
  • Artificial Intelligence produced pop songs that, to be honest, still sound a bit bad today, but can already be heard.

‘No one knows tomorrow what happens, but today you have to achieve more, more than what you did yesterday’ Sayyed Samiyllaha

All of this has nothing to do with linear thinking. On the other hand, humans have a linear polarity.  When the lion comes, I’ll run away because we shy away from the risk. We pick up a signal and want to survive and we react accordingly.

If the past 18 months have taught us hospitality anything, it’s that employees crave investment in the human aspects of work. Employees are tired, and many are grieving. They want a renewed and revised sense of purpose in their work. 

Millennials in the workforce are demanding modern tools and empowerment. They want social and interpersonal connections with their colleagues and managers. They want to feel a sense of shared identity. Yes, they won’t pay, benefits, and perks, but more than that they want to feel valued by their organizations and managers. They want meaningful—though not necessarily in-person interactions, not just transactions.

Many organizations react like a lion would come and run away by not understanding what their employees are running from, and what they might gravitate to, company leaders are putting their very businesses at risk. 

Moreover, because many employers are handling the situation similarly, failing to invest in a more fulfilling employee experience and failing to meet new demands for autonomy and flexibility at work, some employees are deliberately choosing to withdraw entirely from traditional forms of full-time hospitality employment.

‚We all get scared and want to turn away, but it isn’t always strength that makes you stay. Strength is also making the decision to change your destiny.‘ Zoraida Córdova

As an organization working in hospitality, it makes no sense to hire a team of IT experts and believe they can help the organization develop a digital technology solution and solve complex core business processes which are so inefficient and outdated. For the very simple reason that this is not the core business of hospitality, and the industry should not waste their efforts and money to invest in something they never will get a competitive advantage.

What hospitality organizations have to do, to stay competitive as a matter of fact, is looking to engage and work with the best first-class global digital technology companies. Technology companies that are working successfully in the military, transportation, logistics, airline, banking, space, car industry segment, to mention only some. 

Together as a team they should use already developed, strong, powerful technology and use the architectural technology platform structures and then be custom-tuned to the hospitality organizations’ needs.

In the fast-changing world of hospitality, you need to keep processes under constant review and gain a competitive advantage by implementing innovative, sustainable business processes using cost-efficient digital solutions and getting ready for the Metaverse and Alpha generation.

‚It doesn’t matter how strong your opinion is. If you don’t use your power for positive change, you are indeed part of the problem.’ Coretta Scott King

 Key pain points to be fixed are the following

Becoming Employer of Choice

By enabling Leadership development and operationalizing organizations’ missions and objectives via daily team huddles.

Driving Profitable Sales Growth

By using the power of digital technology to build customer social engagement, loyalty, and rewards.

Improving Operating Efficiency

By making administration more efficient through enabled supply chain integrity management and document curation systems.

It needs to leave the linear hospitality thinking behind and ensure we start engaging with our employees again and give them the tools to communicate and energize them to be proud of what they are doing.

‚Make it so today is not like yesterday and tomorrow will be different forever.’ Tony Robbins

In the fast-changing world of hospitality, we need to keep processes under constant review. 

By transforming business processes in hospitality to improve profitability and keep a competitive advantage, we need to work with the best innovative solutions as partners. They bring a solid understanding of what can be done with digital technology and hospitality leaders will explain and focus on their real core business problem.

  • Finding new revenue streams,
  • Building sustainable profitability,
  • Optimize people management,
  • Strengthen employee engagement,
  • Boosting guest satisfaction,
  • Raise operational efficiency,
  • Improving cost management,
  • Enhancing productivity,
  • Protecting the environment.

The summary of the story is in Silicon Valley they think differently, they challenge themselves to an exponential mindset, to a basic attitude that leaves the linear behind. Because one is firmly convinced that what one learned yesterday, is no longer valid tomorrow and one throws it overboard to set off for new shores. 

‚If you do not change direction, you might end up where you are heading.’ Lao Tzu

Hospitality has to do the same and using the tools technology can give today in everyone’s hands will make the organization stronger and more efficient and guarantee a competitive advantage. 

It will be an exciting future with a lot of technology that will directly embrace our lives.

With decades of hands-on experience at the helm of global luxury hotels in eleven countries, I have the proven ability to think differently and apply technical solutions that turn around everyday problems for less than you might expect. 

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